A fast paced song that I like is entitled "All". "All" was written by Sam Towns and I first heard the song from the album Elevate from Youth Alive NSW. This is a good praise song for youth services and the lyrics are vertical (addressed to God) and they are about giving your all to Him. Below are the lyrics of the song "All".

Album: Elevate, Youth Alive NSW

Verse 1:
This love You've given me
It moves my heart to sing
Of the wonders of Your name

I want to shout aloud
All you've done for me
I just can't hold it back

Jesus, you're all
All that I need
All of my life
I'm gonna give you all of me
You've lifted me up
Filled me with hope
You are the one I live for

Each day it's something different
Your love is always new
My life will never be the same
'Cause I found You


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